December 18, 2018

Paddler Workshops

We’re offering the opportunity for 10 dates across the 2019 season for SUP clubs and companies to host and run a half day paddle training skills workshop. We are offering two levels of workshop to cover those new to the sport, or who want to improve their fundamental skills, to those who wish to compete and improve fitness and racing.

Level 1 – Introduction technique workshop for new paddlers, touring, beginner racers, surfers, fitness.

What’s included

  • Video analysis of paddling stroke un-coached
  • Advanced stroke technique training (coaching on set-up, entry, catch, power phase, exit, recovery aspects. Body position and movement pattern drills)
  • On water absorption of key points with queuing
  • Re-film of paddle stroke with before and after analysis (Clips available for you online for 1 month)
  • Discuss paddles (size, blade and shaft selection, cadence)
  • Discuss training intensity scales, working out how hard to train, heart rates
  • On land / off water training techniques
  • Open Q&A

Level 2 – Technique and racing masterclass for competition and fitness.

What’s included

Recommended follow up session getting more advanced & specific on racing and training techniques

  • Follow up video analysis & correction
  • How to structure training (Peaking / periodisation)
  • GPS / training aids
  • Nutrition & hydration for training & racing
  • Recovery / rehab / anti injury / yoga / flexibility for paddling
  • Strength & conditioning for paddling
  • Functional Myofascial Release (rolling etc)
  • Specific skills (Starts, drafting, turns, trimming)
  • Race strategy
  • Equipment selection (board / paddle / fins / clothing)
  • Sample training programme provided

Our Costs

We have a per head cost (contact us for details), minimum 10 participants for each half day workshop (plus travel expenses).   We will need access to a sheltered indoor area and use of a suitable TV or projector screen for presenting and video analysis. We have arranged for you to hire a great, affordable venue in Bournemouth by the water if you wish to travel here (please ask for details).

Times available are 1000 to 1400hrs or 1200 to 1600hrs (unless there are tidal issues).

Dates available

April 6th – BOOKED

 April 20th

June 23rd (Sunday)BOOKED

July 13th  – BOOKED

May 11th July 27th
May 25th  August 10th
June 8th – BOOKED August 24th

About us launched in January 2016 by two top UK paddlers Ryan James and Pete Holliday with the goal of providing structured training programmes and sharing knowledge and skills on how to train effectively for paddle sports such as SUP and Outrigger Canoe.

Both Ryan and Pete have been at the forefront of SUP racing and Outrigger canoe in the UK for the last 10 years with endless lists of podium results and national titles in both sports. Ryan has a lifetime of experience in endurance sport as well as teaching fitness and wellbeing. (BSC Sports Science, Post Grad Sports & Injury Rehab, Sports Performance & Coaching education, 20yrs lecturing & coaching)