Paddler Mobility

Today’s topic is a vital but often forgotten part of your paddle training.  Regardless of whether you paddle SUP, Outrigger or Surf Ski you need to make sure you build some mobility time into your weekly training.  Whilst we don’t give planned mobility sessions as part of our programmes it’s something we strongly encourage doing.

To get us started here’s 5 excellent post paddle stretches here: & 3 mobility exercises for wrists / forearms and elbows here from Sup The Mag

There are also more weight based exercises you can build into a mobility session.  Here’s one of our favourite moves, the Kettlebell Windmill performed by top K1 paddler Lorena Manolica

Kettlebell Windmill with a 28 kg (72 pounds) kettlebell. I use this exercise to improve and maintain a good shoulder and hip joint mobility. With Athletics8 and Stacker2 Europe

Posted by Lorena Manolica on Sunday, 25 January 2015

This is a bad ass oversize for shoulder stability and mobility of the hips & shoulder joint. To learn form do it without ANY weight at all & slowly, slowly build it up each week.

Finally we also strongly recommend having a go at some yoga.  Even just 30 mins twice a week will do wonders for your mobility and balance, strength & mental health.  It’s probably the best all round training you can add to your week!  If you can’t find a local teacher that you gel with then there is a stack of guided classes online on Youtube.  Keep trying them until you find one that just feels right for you.  We prefer Hatha or Vinyassa yoga so perhaps look for that.  We’d certainly suggest avoiding anything that’s ‘power yoga’! 🙂 You can build a playlist in Youtube so you can go back to your favourites every time.

One of my personal favourites is this quick 30 min class which really seems to target paddling muscles of shoulders, lats & hipflexors.

Another favourite from Do Yoga With