September 23, 2015


How much time do I need for training

Beginner & intermediate plans are 2 or 3 x paddling sessions a week varying from about 30-45 minutes a session plus warm up.  They also come with 1 x strength & conditioning session a week which is only around 20 minutes.

Advanced plans are 4 x paddling sessions a week varying from 45 minutes to 75 minutes plus warm up.  Advanced also get 2 x strength & conditioning sessions a week which are around 20 minutes each.

What’s the difference between beginner, intermediate & advanced?

Our beginner & intermediate programmes have slightly less sessions a week & are slightly shorter sessions to help build your endurance.  The advanced programmes require a bit more skill, fitness and time.

Can you help with technique?

Yes of course – we will be looking to launch a video analysis service to help improve technique.  We will also be providing lots of free videos & articles to subscribers to help with paddling tips, racing, nutrition & injury prevention.

How and when do you need paying?

All our programmes run via a PayPal subscription.  Some are for set times (3 months or 2 months) and billing will be adjusted to suit that, you don’t need to do anything.  Once you have set up the payment it will all just look after itself & we will email your programmes each month to the email address in PayPal.

What equipment do I need?

Apart from a board, paddle, stopwatch (and leash if appropriate for where you paddle) you don’t really need anything else, however all the sessions are geared around your heart rate so it’s much easier if you use a heart rate monitor combined with a sports watch of some sort.  These normally allow you to set up interval sessions on the watch & get alerts to help guide your heart rate to the right level.

Our preference is the new Garmin 920XT – You can buy here: Garmin Forerunner 920XT with Heart Rate Monitor

Alternatively the garmin 910 or even 310 are perfectly good & allow you to set up all the sessions we run using the Garmin Connect computer software.  It’s really good for tracking your distances, speeds, sessions & progress.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 310XT


Do I need to have some SUP experience

We suggest that you have basic SUP skills which means you are confident on the water & are in control of your equipment, you can do a variety of turns & understand good basic paddle technique.  If you don’t think you’re at this stage yet we suggest finding a local club or school to get some basic skills first.  This will enable you to get the most out of the sessions.  You can find a club by contacting

How do I buy a plan

Simply visit our ‘Training Plans‘ page and select the right program for you. You will then be able to pay via PayPal which will set up a monthly payment.

What do I get in a training plan

Every month you will get emailed weekly session plans for that month.  Each session will be focused on a particular goal and will be interval based. We’ll give you guidance on the heart rate zones you need to be working in for each session and all the times & rests you’ll need.  Beginners get 2 x paddle sessions & 1 x strength & conditioning sessions a week, intermediate plans get 3 x paddling sessions & 1 x strength & conditioning session a week, advanced plans get 4 x paddling sessions and 2 x strength & conditioning sessions a week.  Paying members also get free tips, videos, articles & advice about all aspects of paddling, training, racing, technique, nutrition & injury prevention.